AmirSaysNothing "Employee of The Month" (Music Video)

As you may remember, good friend Amir announced his debut album title "Employee of The Month" back when I featured him for a interview leading up to the release of his first album. Within this debut project our friend here gave Bricks & Wood a little spotlight with a song titled "Bricks & Wood" which is currently sitting at the most plays from the album along with a cameo skit that has me expressing some funny but serious events off my chest. 

This time around Amir hits us with the visuals that pretty much sum the story of the album. Around the time of this release Amir had just quit working for people other than himself. Taking that leap of faith into his craft & putting his own back against the wall to become the artist whom he is destined to become. In this video Amir is jus being Amir, throwing shade to the corporate world & allowing himself to be Finally FreeFor those who feel the way Amir feels or better yet felt, here's a little visual of what it feels like to be employee of the month every month when you're your own boss.

Source: DXclusive