Fun Fact: Re-wearable 100% Cotton Beanies

One very important factor we forgot to mention about our knit beanies is the fact that they'll never be a throwaway. Since the fabric is cotton - cotton stretches as we all know, so that same concept you have with your other cotton items in your closet applies to your new or used Chunky Knit Beanie. But this time we actually want this item to shrink.


So if your current or future beanie has stretched out, the resolution is simple - Simply just throw it in the dryer for 10-15min (no need to wet or wash it unless necessary) & your beanie will result back to the original snug fit you loved from when you first tried it on. Hope this news can be of assistance to anyone who felt they stretched their beanies out & thought they needed a new one.  No need, the one you have is perfectly fine & can be put right back into daily rotation.

100% Cotton Chunky Knit Beanies available now.