Grandma Cathy for Bricks & Wood


Step one with Bricks & Wood is to always make sure I'm expressing my creativity from the core.  I just want to be as open & transparent with my customers, supporters, & readers as much as I can even when words can't do the job at the time. Bricks & Wood is my outlet & outreach to obtain to the people my own being may not have been capable of on my own. The process is easy for me - start within then work my way out but even when doing so it's not a far reach. The people I collaborate with on ideas & opinions are people closely knitted to me so their opinions & creativity is the only validation I need if or whenever needed.

Then there's some things where in all honesty my selfishness becomes the primary. Somethings that no matter what opinions or how valuable the person may be that they can't explain or express it the way I know I can so I stick to my own doing. Here's one of those selfish moments...


For my newest product highlight I used my grandmother as the model. There's so much symbolism in the brand that I wanted to make sure you guys understand where that core I speak of comes from. It's all here in these photos. My Grandma Cathy raised myself & my dad in this neighborhood displayed in these photos, what you all may come to know as The Jungles. A lot of my inspiration for the brand as whole comes from here - the name, looks, color pallets, concepts, almost everything I've done so far is has symbolism of this place I call home.


My grandma was the perfect person for this because she pretty much birthed this whole love & aspiration I have for this place by raising me here. She's the gatekeeper & I mean that in literal form. My great grandmother was the original building manager of our building (also lived there) then after she passed away those keys & responsibilities were left to my grandmother & she's been holding it down with pride ever since.


*All items photograhed are available now.


Newley retired, I am able to see & spend quality time with my Grandma Cathy & even have her step out her comfort zone a bit or at least do things she hasn't done in years. The idea of this shoot was to display the beautiful heritage that still keeps The Jungles in good light. My grandma can tell you any story you need to hear about this place & that can be from the days when The Jungles was full of white people or when Waka Flocka decided to shoot the Hard In The Paint video right out front of our building. Nothing can come in our out of here without Grandma Cathy knowing of it & that's the honest to God truth.

So to those who aren't afraid to up & leave their struggling establishments & still find hope in the non-beauty society display of their neighborhoods & upbringings, this shoot was inspired by people like you & my Grandma Cathy. The world needs more of you & personally, I can't thank you enough for giving home an even deeper definition.