Happy 4 Year Anniversary ETC Tacoma


July 19th, 2018 marks the 4 year anniversary of the doors being open of Tacoma's very own ETC. If you've been following the brand or the journal at all you've most definitely have gotten familiar with ETC & how they've been a tremendous support to us since the jump & when I say jump I mean JUMP!


Due to my original relationship with Umi for prime year before ETC opening up shop, it was only a continue reading moment for us to keep the family oriented relationship growing. Running around for the strong 3-4 year I did with Umi on a day to day basis created something that we honestly knew would come around one day. We worked hard, stayed in the lab, stayed with fresh ideas, & most importantly supported one another no matter what.


That same energy continued over to when Umi took his own leap of faith to move back home to Tacoma & work for his very own company ETC. I've had the pleasure to attend every ETC anniversary since the grand opening. But unfortunately I won't able to attend the best one yet being the upcoming 4 year anniversary launch which is set to present & be open for business starting tomorrow. 

As a congrats & thank you we wanted to let our very own supports know that ETC is a second home for us. The city of Tacoma welcomed this company being Bricks & Wood with more than open arms from the day the doors opened at ETC. Our first ever product release was our Royal Blue Anchor Snapback which ETC decided to help by carrying a small run of without taking and percentage of sales & even helped with some marketing & social media promo which then the caps sold out within a few days. Seeing that item on shelves & then also watching customers come into the shop to purchase something of ours was a inspiration of it's own to let us know that our goods can sit on shelves along side other popular brands that they carried - you just had to make sure the story & presentation was eye candy.


Since then that's been the focus of Bricks & Wood treat everything & every item with a thorough thought process from the inspiration, design, & then presentation. From that moment on ETC also holds the honors of being our first ever collaboration which then also turned into our first ever pop-up shop where I got to become face to face with my supporters. No matter how far Bricks & Wood goes, ETC & the city of Tacoma is to thank for it.


Tacoma, Washington was the first city to take a liking towards the brand & til this day (2nd to LA) Tacoma is our top supporter from any other city in the U.S. So to ETC & most importantly the city of Tacoma - thank you for the love & continuous support. ETC has set a higher quality standard to what it means to stand your ground & love your community. It's all in a sharing effort that can be a inspiration to anyone & for anything no matter what you have a passion for. To Umi & P, thank you guys always for the love & support since day one! I couldn't have done much of anything without you two believing in my vision.

The second chapter of our collaborative story begins very soon, stay tuned.