J. Scott for Bricks & Wood

A Bricks & Wood collaborative  process will forever start from a organic relationship prior to the actual collab. Whether that is work related or personal there will always be some sort of origin factor to how it came to life in a way that is bigger than just the work or professional factor.

I've known Justin for maybe a year now strictly off the strength of him walking the neighborhood & shopping at Tanner Goods occasionally for a narrow belt or beanie. One thing that stood out about J. Scott was that he would always wear a beanie. No matter the season, no matter the time of day a beanie was on his head. After running into one another pretty often in DTLA we started o generate conversation that revealed information that prior to I have no awareness of. J. Scott is 1/2 of DJ duo The Cozy Boys from the A$AP Mob crew & to be completely honest I haven't heard one bit of sound from the duo nor did I care for me to have a interest in working with Justin for my own sake. I just liked that he religiously rocked a beanie & does it very well. He fit the direction I was trying to go within the beanies I was curating for the brand.

Times goes on, inquiry to shoot had been requested & confirmed & now we fast forward to today & we now have one photoshoot done with talks of a potential collab w/ his own company outside of DJing called IMNOTATOY. I'm sure you can take a guess to what we will be collaborating on.

Here are the final edits of my recent shoot with J. Scott & I couldn't be anymore thankful & grateful for his time & interested in doing this for me. Trust me, there will be more of these very soon.

"Forest Green" Acrylic Beanie


"Deep Blue" Acrylic Beanie

Model: J. Scott
Photography: Kacey Lynch