"My bare body does not equal sex."

Recently The Wishwall did a unexpected & awesome favor by featuring Gabby Bothell after a very inspiring pro-woman post about not judging & symbolizing women as sex symbols due to natural & bare body forms. Gabby has never been afraid of expressing herself - whether it was through he art, her body, anything she's apart of is a sign of her own expression. 

The shoutout from The Wishwall has brought a lot of attention Gabby's direction that it seems girls, women, & humans in general are starting to take notice of Gabby's inspiration & she seems more than ready to take that stand for women & young girls out there who are self conscious about their bare self with a follow up post directed at someone who reported her photo.

If you're one of those people - Gabby is directly speaking to your inner. Become a follower & listener to what she has to offer because it's a lost art to what she's about to present & this is only the beginning. Take a look at what she had to say.

When we first met Gaby, we were immediately captivated by her fiery energy & passionate drive. She’s of course a beautiful woman on the outside, but her brilliantly artistic mind makes us love her even more.

She has plans to make the world a more beautiful place through fashion, modeling & photography. We appreciate her for that. She uses her beauty to make a statement: the body is a piece of handcrafted artwork that deserves to be celebrated. We agree – everyone may believe they have imperfections, but to us, everyone is perfectly beautiful just as they are.

We’re excited to follow Gaby’s photographic journey because we know it will open our minds & fuel our souls. She has a yet-to-be released project that she will be debuting in the near future & we can’t wait to see what kind of magic this future FIDM alum will bless us with.

Today we spotlight Gaby & her story – we hope you leave inspired!

"Prior to moving to LA I had never quite experienced how hard it actually is to be a woman in this society full of misogyny. Something I truly stand behind and feel in my soul is that the nude form is a work of art. My bare body does not equal sex. My bare body is a harbor for my soul to live the human experience. Sexualizing women whether they are nude, wearing revealing clothing, or completely covered up never results in anything positive.

Speaking from experience and on behalf of other amazing women, sexualization creates poor self-image and worth, anxiety, hesitation to fully express oneself in public, and just flat out makes us feel unsafe and extremely uncomfortable! So I’m posting this photo for a third time to celebrate the beauty and purpose of the bare body."


Intro words by: Ashley Coffey of We Take Note for The Wishwall Foundation (IG: @wetakenote) | Story by: Gaby Bothell (IG: @gbothell) | Photo Credit: Sydney Schwab (IG: @sydney_schwab)