No Garment Left Behind "Here to Share"

NGFB Rainbow LOGO-01.jpg

I've always wanted to present every creative passion I ever had interest in & by bringing it to product form in some way. Whether it was fashion, my ear for music, my love for food, my tastebuds for lemonade, or any other random thing I find interest in. The thing i love most about fine art is that there's a place & space for everyone with any sort of talent or interest. There's no limit to the variety of things you can create & how you create them which is why it's sort of disappointing when ideas are stolen from the true creatives. This creative space has room for all...


Another strong passion of mine that I don't think fully developed until a few years ago (though I was religiously thrifting my senior year of HS) is my interest for vintage, recycled clothing. I love thrifting - I love the idea of the trade, I love the fact that you can take something so timeless & modernize it or not modernize it at all & keep the same feel as it did whenever it was new. I just love it, from the smells, the looks, the designs, all the colors, the fearless ideas of graphic tees, the fades, the prices, the holes, the get the point.

With such a strong interest in each of these very detailed descriptions about vintage clothing, I randomly thought to myself about doing a vintage/consignment company that expresses that same passion as photography & Bricks & Wood does. All different ventures but the same passion.


During one of my vintage shopping trips I was with my bro J. Scott at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, Cali. We somehow came to communication about reselling & being able to make a profit off of all the things we find & love but don't necessarily want or can fit for ourselves. We also hated the idea of leaving those items behind. He then joking came up with "no garment left behind." Which initially was a laughing factor but being that I had a real passion for this concept & never had any sort of name or direction to take it, I told him that, that name was genius & I wanted to run with it. He agreed & though the process has been slow & steady, it's definitely something I've been putting a little bit more of my time & effort towards as of recently.

After months of preparation which included, shopping for garments, trying to figure out a logo, & ultimately the question of "Where the hell do we start?" I think it's time to share a little piece to what's to come.


No Garment Left Behind is nothing you haven't heard or experienced before. But we want you to view clothing with a different point of view. We want you to see vintage garments & items as something shareable or put to good use by either yourself or others. Whether that means buying for yourself (which is primary), as a gift, or buying to sell. At the end of the day no matter how the garment is being used by you or someone else, it's still being put to good usage. Nothing is being left behind. 

We're "Here to Share". Not just our own interest in product but items we believe you & others will find use of. A lot of inventory, quality pieces at a fare price, and most importantly - something for everyone.

Clean up after yourself, and leave nothing behind.


Help us clean up.