Pops for Woodlands


A few months back I came up with this very mindless idea that actually turned out to be something I actually been wanted to do ever since I first ever picked up a camera. The idea consisted of me, my camera, & my dad in front of the camera. Simple right? But what gives this even more specialty is that this shoot was organized to be presented as a Tanner Goods & The Woodlands editorial for The Woodland's 3rd party clothing that is sold is TG flagships.

This body of creating with my pops was long long overdue & I think for us to knock out first one in such a cool & quality fashion in style choice only makes this so much better. Pops already has ill style but even he can admit that Tanner Goods sell some "fly pieces" as he would say.

Below are my favorite shots from the shoot I did with pops which are beginning to rollout over the next few weeks separately via The Woodlands Instagram & hopefully at some point Tanner Good's Blog. In the meantime there's no harm nor foul in sharing my work with the world. Response have been so good that this potentially can be something you guys will have the chance to see more of down the line as well. So be on the look out for pops getting some modeling experience under his belt.

All photos were shot & styled by Kacey Lynch. Kimball is seen wearing apparel provided by Tanner Goods Los Angeles from brands: Engineered Garments & A Kind of Guise