Garment Highlight: Salmon Heavy Knit Beanie


Salmon Heavy Knit Beanies


In Fall 2016 I released the most popular item Bricks & Wood has ever dropped being our OG Salmon Heavy Knit Beanie. During that time this color Salmon was more of a test run. I had very low quantities of it. The manufacture also didn't have many available but this was me throwing a option out to see what people gravitated towards. I liked the result of the color after it arrived but I promise you I didn't have the highest hope for it. I thought it would blend right in with the rest of the colorways released.


Nonetheless this instantly became the most popular piece of headwear. It sold out in days, so fast that I couldn't even get labels stitched in time (if I even had labels at the time). This was one of those pieces that when worn out, people actually ask "where did you get your beanie." It was a color that people mutually gravitated towards. Now having a hot item that sells out quickly is cool & all but not having either a hot follow up or even a restock option especially at high demand is one of the worst feelings. Since my manufacture had no more access to this salmon colored yarn I had been on this yarn hunt since Fall 2016. To make a long story short, I never found the yarn.


With this process as a option I was able to replicate my OG Salmon Heavy Knit Beanie through a dye process & the results are stunning. With that being said I am more than glad to announce the re-release of the Salmon Heavy Knit Beanie which is available now for your wearing.


Ever since my return from New York Bricks & Wood has been a lovely experiment for me. I truly have no clue to what the fuck I'm doing but I know I get fulfillment the process of not knowing what's on the other side. I've recently had this interest of creating colors on garments that typically aren't options for particular fabrics. After searches of the perfect dye douse I came across some good folks that do their services nothing short of perfect. They can literally recreate any color desired.