Steady Fall/Winter 2017


During my time here in New York I've had the grateful pleasure of meeting & making some life long friends & creatives. Whether it's been through in person interaction, shamefully admitting Instagram, or friends of friends, New York has been a flat out hub of connections & friendships that have exceeded my expectations.


One of those special creatives our the good folks over at Steady. Steady is a NY based streetwear brand originated from Queens, NY owned by Cal. Cal is the head honcho, shot caller & mastermind behind everything Steady is involved with. So involved he deleted his person IG strictly to run his social media presence through his brand's identity. So unless you know Cal, you may not see him that often. Though Steady is Cal but Cal is not the face of Steady whatsoever. Through a mutual LA connection Cal reached out to me to do the opposite of what I'm used to which was modeling for Steady's newest & now launched Fall/Winter 2017 Lookbook.


Though modeling is out of my comfort zone & something I tend to stir away from I could only accept & take it as an admirable compliment. As someone who tries to shoot people who aren't technically models or people who want to be models I understood that their story telling was more important than my insecurities. Cal & I relate a lot to each other & understand the struggle of not only starting a brand but being consistent, creative & having something that actually sticks in today's streetwear brand culture since this is a oversaturated business at the moment. Nonetheless we stick to what we know & let the universe do the rest of the work for us. If the product stands for something & true work has been placed behind it, you'll always have a market, the consumer will find you even if finding them seems unlikely.


In other ways I related to the Cal & the Steady team was the fact that they make sure everything is done organically. They don't apply much pressure to themselves or the art they're creating strictly based off the fact that it's who they are. There's no effort in being yourself & if that's the case then you're in the wrong outlet. They wanted me to take the pieces I chose to wear from the collection & then add my own style preference which gives myself & the other models isolated looks from many perspectives. And I must admit this was all executed very well as a final result.


During this shoot we all had the chance to get a little in depth to who we all are, what we all do, where we're trying to be & most importantly why we do all these things. In the end this open dialog resulted into finding out that though we're from opposite coast of the country, we in a lot of ways think & see the streetwear culture in the same light & want to bring back the things we loved about it that is missing nowadays...


With that being said I won't give up much more than that, just know a simple photoshoot opened up the gates of ideas being thrown back & forth which will now result into a future collaboration with Steady x Bricks & Wood. (That was actually my first time typing that together & it looks really good if you ask me haha) LA & NY, the bridge is finally gapped, stay tuned.


Special thank you to Cal & Mos for the dope shoot & the gifted Steady Rugby you seen me wearing in photos above. Also thank you for letitng me sport my Bricks & Wood beanie in the shoot for a little cross promo. All items (including B&W beanie) plus many more are available now on their web & our very own web store.