Story Time With Fice


Earlier today I somehow managed to get one of my favorite people & brother by the name of Fice to openly tell the story behind how this photo above came about even crazier that he shared this story via Twitter. This may have sparked something a little different from Fice that is something very rare of him so be sure to keep an eye & ear out for "Story Time With Fice" here's the first edition...

"My boy Brandon got into a fight down the street with this dude Chris about 15 minutes before this pic was taken. I had pics from that fight too, but I don’t know what happened to them. Chris had a bunch of Crips with him. Brandon was a Blood. 
One of Chris’ homies (dude in the white tee) had an ongoing beef with Brandon’s brother Bo (shirtless). After Brandon beat up Chris, he called dude out and asked him if he wanted to handle the shit with his brother. We all walked back to Brandon’s house. Like 12 deep.
Bo was washing dishes when we walked in and Bo is such a G that when Brandon told him he was about to fight dude in the backyard, Bo was just like, “Yup” and started drying his hands. Bo went back there and fucked dude up."