Sydney Graham x Bricks & Wood


With Complexcon approaching we have been spoon feeding you looks & product subjected to exclusively release at this upcoming event next Saturday. This editorial features the talented Sydney Graham whom you may actually follow or have seen floating along your timeline modeling with some of your favorite brands or photographer.

Though this outfit was similarly worn by Chase N Cash in our previous editorial, we wanted to recreate the look but with a catered style for women. Though in my personal opinion women look better in menswear than men do, we wanted to showcase the diversity of styling options for this sweatsuit we’re really excited to release. Sydney rocked her bespoke cropped ash hoodie & did it exactly how we imagined it to come out. Take a peep for yourself of the art we created. Hopefully this opens your mind to not feel restricted to the styles we present but for the style of yourself.


Photography by Kacey Lynch