These stories never get


One thing that I've always admired & respected about The Hundreds is Bobby Kim owner & creative director of The Hundreds. What Nigo, Stussy, and other streetwear OGs are to Bobby himself, Bobby is to me. He's always made himself so transparent with his customers & fans that he makes himself easy to like & respect regardless if you wear TH or not. 

Bobby is a fan first & foremost. He's not afraid to show his respects & give you insight to the inspiration behind what or why he does something. I believe streetwear today has gotten a lot more selfish with their information & resources for reasons that this post doesn't need to shine a light on. Like the title states, these stores never get old. Bobby speaks with Complex magazine's chief creative content director to give you the blueprint to how he got The Hundreds to where they gone & where they are today in a quick 20min raw interview.

Thank you Bobby for always being a open book with information. Watch & learn for yourself below. 


Bobby Hundreds explains how he channeled his love for music and culture into one of the world's most iconic streetwear brands.