Garment Highlight: Umi Blue Logo Hoodie


Umi Blue Logo Hoodie

It's been a very long time coming of the demand for Bricks & Wood apparel & I'm personally here & proud to say that those days are over & from this post forward you will be able to see what Bricks & Wood is & always was, even when accessories & goods were the primary focus for sometime.

The reason for this delay was simple if you ask me. Though Bricks & Wood released it's first piece of product back in 2015, I felt the need that the apparel whether it was design, quality, or garment had to meet the simple, clean but innovative standard as I felt the goods did. I wanted to make sure these things lasted, I wanted to present something that couldn't be categorized but universal. Literally something for everybody & they mama's. I want these pieces to be archived & picked up decades later & whomever find it feels the same way I felt when making it. Modern vintage is how I see it, last forever.

After basically two years of sourcing my patience paid off when I found these blanks & from there I knew what my base hoodie would be, at least for my first ever hoodie.


Navy Logo Hoodie

This navy logo 10oz of cotton hoodie is specially made in the heart of my hometown being South Central Los Angeles. Oversized fitting hoodie so works great for unisex functionality. More colors will be available soon.

  Navy Logo Hoodie shot by Kacey Lynch

Navy Logo Hoodie shot by Kacey Lynch