Velour 8 Panel Caps


Though this post is pretty pointless at this point due to every single one of these caps selling out within 48hrs. This headwear collection is probably my proudest work to date. I had held onto these blank caps for about a year. I knew I had something special but I also was afraid to lose that special touch by doing too much to the caps or even not doing enough. Sometimes the things you take the biggest risk on & just let your creative intuition do it's job results into positive responses like these caps got.


When I first got these caps I was immediately inspired by one of my favorite brands out of Munich Germany A Kind of Guise. AKOG is a brand I can honestly say is the definition of future direction I see Bricks & Wood becoming. They make sure that every collection is unique & unlike anything you may see or feel before when it comes to the fabric choices they use for each season. One of my favorite garments from AKOG is their headwear. I'm ad advocate for a good cap. To the point that even if I had a fresh cut I still manage to have a cap placed over my head. So when I did come across these caps it immediately gave me the opportunity to really do a cap that would separate these from my previous core caps.

After seeing the final production of these caps I knew I had something special & this has not only motivated myself but upgraded the standard of my brand's production. Though these caps are currently sold out & I thank each & everyone of you whom supported the cause. Take a look at the collection below.