Our Story

From South Central with love.


Bricks & Wood was born from the idea of creating garments & goods that combine natural Earth born elements by symbolizing "bricks" and "wood" to form a the idea of making sure that each & every thing we produce is based around being original & from a raw state. From the very start we have believed that these two symbols were going to be the fine definition of any & everything organic & real no matter what's presented by us. Since our beginnings in 2013, we have constantly made sure that everything we do is truly based upon things we stand behind no matter the rubrics that are out there strategized in any industry we decide to tap into. By now, our products make up the spectrum of our true inspirations & lifestyle.

We appreciate the fact that the brand is not easily defined & nothing is based upon trend or released upon seasons. Being a South Central Los Angeles based company it is important to tell our stories.

It's our mission to exploit a different perspective to what South Central is commonly known for & showcase the city of Los Angeles in a way that may be seen as unfamiliar coming from this particular part of LA. Though our goods & garments aren't solely produced, sourced or manufactured here in LA or even USA, we're here for the trade. We're here to connect & collaborate with anyone who can help us bring our stories to the forefront & expand them to share with the world.

Our Products are good for all seasons & all reasons.

Bricks & Wood is headquartered in the front room of Kacey Lynch's Grandma's house in South Central LA.

I hope you come to understand our story.


Kacey Lynch
Owner, Creative Director