For Daily Use* Throw Blanket

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For our second run of throw blankets, we decided to create a blanket that not only is a great compliment piece for your home but also a piece that's meant to be used as well. Though this throw blanket works well as a great accent piece, we strongly advise that it's used for a daily purpose. Whatever that purpose is for you, works for us. Just make sure it is useful for your daily living.

Blankets are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks to be shipped.

Printed In: USA

Fabric: 100% Woven Cotton

Sizing: 50x60 Throw Blanket

• Intricate weaving process

Care Instructions:

• We suggest hang drying your woven blanket to keep the fringe looking its best.

• If you ever need to use a stain remover, make sure it’s safe for use on cotton fabrics. Test stain removers on an inconspicuous area of your blanket first to make absolutely sure it doesn't discolor your blanket.

• Finally, do not bleach, dry clean, or iron your blanket.