Padmore & Barnes x Bricks & Wood P404 - Mauve

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The history attached to this iconic silhouette is very much worth knowing or doing your research about. From its origin story to its growth, it’s downfalls & whatever else that comes after, this silhouette has touched generation after generation for & from all different angles.

We can admit that our first introduction to this style roots from Clark’s. To our initial understanding, this was their shoe, they created this style & we know for a fact they popularized it. What we didn’t know was that there is a history older than all of to this silhouette’s tug-of-war.

We all know the Wu-Tang story, we all know what made this boot relevant to our own culture(s) but most of us truly didn’t know the manufacturing of it….

Since 1934 Padmore & Barnes have been manufacturing shoes of quality and taste, hand stitched and crafted to the highest standards. Padmore & Barnes have been synonymous with fine shoemaking for generations. 

From 1964 to 1987 the company was under the ownership of C&J Clarks. During this period iconic styles were developed and manufactured at the Padmore and Barnes factory in Ireland.

Over the past 30 years Padmore & Barnes have continued to manufacture the iconic style with the same shape and hand-stitched details as the original.

We’ll be the first to admit that the idea of a collaboration with Clarks was a honest goal of ours. We truly wanted to find the best way to bridge the gap on this boot with Los Angeles culture & truth be told what better way to do it than with the actual source?

Once you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing both, it’s a no brainer to the quality of construction & wear. Handmade in Portugal, you can get a sense of the heritage this shoe brings as you’re opening the box. Nothing overdone & nothing undone & for that this collaboration fall right in line category with any other perfect match of not just quality & presentation but also company ethos.

As much as we are here to sell you on these, the truth is if you aren’t aware then you will just have to find out for yourself. Our only goal is to make that happen sooner than later.

  • Hand stitched
  • Handlasted
  • Supple Leather
  • Plantation crepe sole
  • Embroidered paisley on heel
  • Embossed paisley tag
  • We recommend sizing down a half size
6 5 39
7 6 40
8 7 41
9 8 42
10 9 43
11 10 44
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