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Park Pants - Brick

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After years of trial & error we have found comfortability in presenting a portion of garments that has always been the intention for our growth which is known as cut n sew.

From fabric sourcing, too numerous amounts of samples, this process has truly been hands on. We stand our ground about being more inspired by the process than the results but we can now humbly be proud of these results.

We love to tell a story around our garments so at this time we wanted to resurface a OG design we did back in 2018 which is our “Made In America” graphic. The Made in America concept is short for our very own quote that reads “What's made in America is not always made by Americans”. Although in some cases this isn’t true, we are speaking directly about the ethnical backgrounds of the people who truly get their hands dirtier than we do most of the time. Even if we are being hands on, we want to showcase the additional creators of the process.

From the sewers, the pattern makers & all the folks who use their hands as tools to make these garments come to life, we pay homage & send a reminder by reintroducing our MIA woven labels on the back left pocket of this garment. The goal is to utilize this label for most of our cut n sewn goods with hopes that our audience can identify with the true creators that don't get the proper recognition they deserve.
For this garment & many in the future, we worked very closely with our neighbor Jorge & his team of 3-4 employees to carefully craft each piece individually. We have been working side by side with Jorge for almost two years now & it’s been an honor to not only grow together within product but also as a partnership. The process of us getting to this point has truly been a collaborative effort & we want to continue to express our gratitude to all who are involved with our growth.

We are proud to present our new Park Pants & Shorts.


Model is true size 32 wearing a size 34.

• This pant was designed for an oversized baggy fit.


Size Waist Circumference Inseam
30 32 29
32 34 29
34 36 30
36 37 30
38 39 30


Waist Circumference — Measured flat across, multiplied by 2.

Inseam — Measured from crotch seam to leg opening.

* All measurements done in inches.