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Hard cover, 192 pages.  Limited edition of 2000 copies, printed in France.

Produced by La MJC.

"I'am proud and honored to have the chance to showcase my ultra talented friend VERDY on the two covers this year!

I met VERDY through Paulo several years ago when I was already a fan of his work. Our first project together was in 2019. In Tokyo, we collaborated and produced a series of ALL GONE/Girls Don't Cry t-shirts and tote bags. Since then, the idea of VERDY taking over the book cover, with his unique style and awesome characters felt like a natural fit.

We are finally there! After years of consistently honoring his projects in the pages of the book, it's VERDY's time to bring his lovely characters VICK and VISTY to life, each taking a majestic place on their respective covers!